Wednesday, April 2, 2014

And this week was PINTERESTING....

For our next student-created assignment, we were tasked with learning and using Pinterest.  I was part of the group that worked on the assignment, but as it was designed as an individual activity, initially, we were unsure how to start the assignment.  After Dr. Bert  said we had some creative license on interpretation, we embarked on our adventure as TEAM CYCLONE - Mike, Kailana and me!  Why Team Cyclone? - you may ask?  And the simple answer is, "I have no idea!"  I think Mike suggested it and Team Cylone, we became.

I already had some experience with Pinterest, so after some fumbling and trial and error, I was able to create a board that we all could pin on.  We each pinned 5 items from the suggested pin list.  We posted our board in our Google community and were also able to review the other Team Bioboards.  It was very enlightening and gave great insight into our classmates!

 Here is a link to our board:   TEAM CYCLONE'S BIOBOARD    Check it out!

Based on the experience, I can see how Pinterest is a top curation site.  I find it useful for saving useful resources and the "boards" are a great way to categorize it by topic.  For instance, I have boards titled " Recipes", "Bucket List", and "Things I will make…one day:)"  I recently opened a board named "Ed Tech" to curate resources, information and other useful tools that I may be able to use.  I was also able to find some users with similar interests and have started following them.  It's kind of like twitter but with visuals. 

One way it could be used in my locus of control as a counselor would be to share a link to a board with pins of useful resources for college students such as links to their school's website (career center, student services, tutoring,), scholarships, FAFSA, etc.  It even may be a way to easily share college success strategy articles or tips.  I may look into trying to incorporate it into my work soon. 

I really enjoyed working with my team and learning more about them through the pins.  It does give insight into one's personality since you have billions of items that you can choose from.  I'm glad I had the chance to take the time to explore the site and become familiar with its features.  If you haven't checked it out recently, you may want to try the Explore interests feature that allows you to click on topics based on your pins…easy way to find things that you like! (also possibly an example of big data in action - ha!ha!)

Hope you had a pinteresting week!

A hui hou,

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