Friday, April 11, 2014

And this week, I learned about the internet of THINGS...

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This week, we explored the internet of things - wearables, 3D printing and internet connected devices. To gain a broad perspective, I watched a video of a Ted Talk - "The Internet of Things."  It helped me to better understand how the internet has and will continue to change our lives. 

The internet of things refers to connecting the physical world to the internet.  Everything can become THINGS in the internet of things.  Anything and everything can become THINGS – machines, appliances, vehicles, buildings and even people. 
 What can we do with the internet of things?   
  • Monitor things - A person could wear a web-linked heart monitor which could provide real-time monitoring and even predict problems. 
  • Search for things - Reality search engines that search for really useful things -like your keys, your expected packages, your child
  • Manage things- Control traffic by monitoring when and where cars go.  Monitor energy usage and mange resources wisely.
  • Control things - Meters can communicate with appliances and manage the electricity grid to balance load and efficiency.
  • Play with things - Transform the face of gaming where everything around you becomes part of the game.

Reading about Google Glass along with other wearables and internet connected devices and the progression of the internet of things, was eye-opening and even a little intimidating. I love that wearables allow true hands-free usage and can provide supplementary just-in-time information, but does it create too much of a distraction?  I think the challenge will be to take advantage of the bells and whistles of technology to the extent of increased productivity, ease of use and convenience while not distracting us from the physical world or sacrificing engagement in "real life."

In closing, one comment from Dr. Barrett that I found interesting - This development of the internet of things cannot be left to technologists alone. Input from people from human and social sciences and everyday people must be given to make it positive for individuals and society. We must all work together if it will be for the common good. Great food for thought!

And how was your week?

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