Friday, April 18, 2014

And this week, I learned to augment reality...
 Aloha all -

 This week's topic was Augmented Reality.  "Have you experienced augmented reality?" That was the first question asked of us in class this week.  "Hmmm…. I don't think so, " was my first response.  But after more discussion, we are exposed to it more often than we realize.  A weatherman in front of a green screen? The first down line on a televised football game?  The names on the swimming lanes at the Olympics?  

I've seen that!  Wow!  AR is all over the place.  Of course, those are simple examples that have been in use for years, but after doing a review of the readings and various YouTube videos,  the potential is amazing. 

When I created my playlist on YouTube, the examples I found on how it is used in the college arena were varied.  One college used it in a banner to display different video information about the campus at orientation.  Another used AR to enhance interactivity in their prospectus and college tour.  I also was able to see the uses in teaching and learning in the medical field.  I can see how it may be useful to use AR to "practice" virtual medical procedures without endangering any "live" patients. 
Here is my YouTube playlist of AR videos.  Whether it was used to animate a college banner, create an interactive college prospectus, enhance a college tour experience or teach in the medical field ,  augmented reality helps to bring education to life!  

I am excited to see how its uses will continue to develop in the future. 
And how was your week? 



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