Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Aloha all -

Happy New Year!  Mahalo for reading my blog!  I am embarking on another ETEC adventure with ETEC 647e - Emerging Tech: Trends.  Looking forward to another enlightening semester with Dr. Bert.  I am excited to learn, explore and evaluate new tools, strategies and trends for teaching and learning.

I have blogged before using Wordpress, but for this semester's blog, I tried a few of the other popular blog sites. I finally decided on using Blogger to expand my horizons.  I hope to use it to reflect on what I have learned each week throughout the semester. Hence the title - "And this week, I..."   I welcome any comments and suggestions.  So far, it's been interesting getting used to the Blogger format...Wish me luck;)

A hui hou,

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  1. Hello Terri,
    Thanks for the great post. I have to say that I too am excited about this semester in ETEC 647e as well. It already is opening my mind to so much great information especially when looking for new trends in teaching, technology, and music.

    I too have blogged using wordpress and some of the other more popular blogs available online. To be honest, I may have heard about this site, and before today I was not aware of its use and function. I am glad that you pushed yourself to try something a little different. I remember I checked out tumblr when it first came out and I dismissed it for my own use because the lack of a comment field. For this assignment I decided to take on Tumblr and learn about different ways comments can be enabled across different websites, including social media.

    I am looking forward to seeing your work and updates over this semester and I will see you in class!

    Take care,