Friday, January 31, 2014

And this week, I hung out in Google!

Aloha all -

This week, we had our first team assignment for ETC 647e.  In keeping the trend of becoming a Creator Society, we were tasked with "creating" an assignment for our class!  Very interesting. I like the scaffolding of learning, building upon our imagination that was stimulated from The Daily Create from last week.

We will become knowledge creators by contributing our ideas, not just knowledge consumers.  It will be hard to not be engaged with these activities as we have significant input and feedback into its design.  It is definitely a project that fosters our critical thinking and collaborating skills, facilitating our transformation into 21st century learners as well as educators.

My Team Iridium experience went extremely well.  Sometimes, scheduling meetings can be tricky, with everyone having their own responsibilities and obligations in addition to those for class.  This time, it was surprisingly easy to find an agreeable time as all members were flexible.  We also created Google docs to post ideas and resources prior to our meeting.

At the assigned time, everyone was prompt and ready to go in Google Hangout. Using the screen share option, we were able to view, refine and finalize our proposal.  Our meeting was very productive, and we worked together well.  I believe we developed a sense of trust and respect and were all able to contribute creative suggestions to create and refine our proposal.  Being flexible and open-minded is crucial when collaborating and I want to thank my team - Sean and Vera - for making my experience a very positive one! Go Team Iridium!

Here's hoping everyone's experience was as well received.  Hope you all like our proposal! 

A hui hou,


  1. Google hangouts and docs are great! Our group used them as well and it provided a great opportunity to get to know the others better.

  2. Aloha Terri
    It is great to know that you and your teammates are doing well on the project. I agree that sometimes online meeting with others can be a problem, but with good teammates, things can be very easy and smooth.
    And yes, Google docs and Google Hangout rock!
    Looking forward to see your project unfold. :)

    --- C.J Chen

  3. Hey Terri,
    Your blog looks great and your group’s proposal looks great. Scheduling can be tough, yet this semester it seems a little easier, so I must be getting used to it. When I reflect on all my group work experiences in the OTEC program so far, when everyone contributes and works on the same page, the work gets done. As you said “Being flexible and open-minded is crucial when collaborating,” is the key. Especially for myself, I have to be willing to cut bait on the bad idea as just let go. Other times, I just have to say it to someone else to realize that it’s a bad idea. So there is the humility too. :)

  4. Team Iridium!!!! I really agree with the importance of being flexibility and open-minded. We really had a good chemistry. I think everyone felt really comfortable sharing their opinions because we knew we were all extremely flexible and open to whatever. This is a component I totally forgot to recognize in my reflect. Thanks for sharing!