Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Aloha All!

My name is Terri and I am in my second year of the OTEC Master’s program. I work as a post-high counselor working with college students. My area of interest is integrating technology and Ed tech strategies into counseling and guidance. It continues to be an adventure -- learning many new things and meeting so many wonderful people.

During the fall and winter, our primary interest is FOOTBALL! My husband coaches, my daughter was a manager, my nephews play and it’s a family affair. Now that the high school season is over, we can sit back and enjoy the NFL playoffs and look forward to the Superbowl. My other favorite thing to do is travel, but unfortunately only as time and finances permit, so definitely not as often as I would like, mostly to Las Vegas or neighbor islands, but planning on a trip to Jamaica for our 25th anniversary!

Look forward to learning with my ETEC 647e classmates this semester!

A hui hou,

ETEC 647e Intro

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