Friday, May 2, 2014

And this week, I DEBRIEFED...

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The last two weeks of class are dedicated to debriefs with fellow classmates their reflections on  one emerging trend topic or application.  This week, the first group presented, and I enjoyed it!  I was able to learn how other student's incorporate technologies into their classes with Sean and Google.  It was amazing to see how he has used the Google Suite of apps in his classes - helping them to increase their tech skills while lessening their carbon footprint!  We were also introduced to useful apps to create quizzes such as Socrative and easytestmaker.  I also like Kainoa's gamification debrief.  Gamification is not just playing games, but taking ideas from gaming and applying into a non-gaming setting.  Great point!  I was able to experience gamification with the Credly badges in TCC and so can relate to how it can increase engagement and motivation.   Kekai's intro of Aurasma also sounds like a very interesting tool to increase interactivity and use AR in education.   

The debrief session was a good way to wrap up the class.  The only challenge was the technical difficulties at times as presenters set up, but I appreciated hearing my classmate's perspectives and sharing of resources.   

As the class ends, reflecting on my own learning, I realize how much we have done this semester.  The trend that I will be presenting on will be the growing ubiquity of social media.   

Here's a link to my debrief presentation: 

As I was preparing my debrief, I reviewed the technologies and trends we covered and was amazed at what we had learned!  There was Twitter, MOOC's, Blogs, The Daily Create, Bitstrips, Pinterest, AR, Ted Ed Flips,  and TCC just to name a few.  Great learning, great experience!  Mahalo to Dr. Bert, Dal and my fellow classmates for a great ride! 

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